Are you going to continue working remotely from home?

This is one of the most-asked questions by people all around due to the lockdown infused by Covid-19 — understandably so, after a long nationwide try-out in working remotely and attending meetings over Zoom and Google Meet. Are you ready for a remotely working future?

The crisis has thrown nearly every industrial sector for a loop, and the domain of real estate has arguably faced some of the colossal upsettings. When the residential layout transposed from luxury to affordable housing, there was an exorbitant decree for a puja room, laundry room, and a study room which was validated by many developers for allocating a designated space for specified chores/activities. During the lockdown, there has been an addition to the decree of an office room. It has been over a hundred days since people are working from home by managing, creating and replicating their workspace at home. But does your home have enough space for a disturbance-free office setup?

Upgraded Amenities

As work from home is not a temporary phenomenon, current changes in working are for you to embrace digital tactics for longer remote working possibilities. While people are working remotely, the demand for sufficient space, proper desk setup, or the technological bandwidth (e.g., internet speed) has unexpectedly arisen. So, to perpetuate office-like productivity at home, constructing a designated space or replacing the existing extra space with a workspace can work for now.

But for the latter, the real estate sector shall consider upgrading their amenities based on health, relaxation, and work. As healthy living is to be adopted by the buyers who are mindful of relaxation and positivity for the home and workspace to coexist.

New Residential Layout

The tech-savvy companies are more likely to succeed with the work from home situations due to their very nature but the lack of company culture is what has been missing out. From a real estate perspective, the clamor for office space at home has risen. Without an office environment, people are consistently losing the sense of discipline and work energy which was uptight and operating in a normal work environment. To meet ends with the novel demand, of having a conventional office space at home has been foreseen by the real estate sector leading towards a new residential layout with nearby office spaces, liveability quotient, zero net carbon ambitions, and buildings rated by “health quotient” to make residers more comfortable in terms of health and safety.

Office In The Upcoming Future

There is complete optimization of office space as having a built environment for work will be more important than ever. From office space to staff seating arrangements, ventilation, and lighting, health benefits, and comfort, smarter and healthier office space is what we shall witness in the upcoming future. Creating an optimistic safe, productive, and comfortable work environment would be the modernized office management practice.

If working remotely was not in your 2020 plan, embrace the optimum change lying between healthy living and high-yielding work by finding ways to uphold the remotely working future.