Besides checking the EQ and IQ of your child, check the HHQ

One must have come across a tête-à-tête between individuals regarding their IQ and EQ as if it is human culture to adapt what is brill and boiling in one’s mind and the market.

Apart from adult individuals, children have got into the spur of knowing their IQ and EQ to see whether they are going to me masters in academics or good health and high quality of life. Besides the mental and emotional measures, how about measuring the physicality of their livelihood by knowing their HHQ?

Home Is Where It All Begins

As IQ denotes Intelligence Quotient measuring verbal, logical reasoning, problem-solving, and memory. So is EQ which is an Emotional Quotient that measures the capacity and capability of the outer and inner emotions resulting in their individual self or relations with others. HHQ is the gap that fills in between the individual’s social and natural surroundings that are – HOME. Home is where the child is brought up and feels compassionate towards It is home that sentients the child’s entire upbringing and leads to building his/her career.

A Whiff Of Fresh Air

As humans are social creatures we tend to travel, explore, and experience things in the world and bring them back to our safe place called home. But, for children, their home is their world and whatever that comes with it. In such modern times where homes have upgraded with homes having amenities specifically for children such as swimming pools, play areas, gardens, clubhouses, etc the overall growth of a child betides within the walls of a well-built home that is safe and secure.

Being Cautious Is The Key

Now with outdoor activities for kids curbed and playgrounds have a latch on, the children are restrained from playing, jumping, and enjoying as most of us did while we were their age.

But with playing and boosting your physical strength comes with healthy living.

There is a new check in the market which measures your liveability called HHQ – Home Health Quotient.

Areas like eco-friendly, Smart Homes, healthy living, use of antibacterial paints are covered resulting in an HHQ of the home you live in. most importantly for the sake of your child whose well being shall be impacted by this lockdown. As adults are coexisting between parenting and working from home, the coexisting factor for a child is lower than adults resulting in idleness and boring afternoons. This has been spurring in every household as to how to give their children a healthy and delightful living within their homes.

Health – centric homes

The ongoing pandemic has not only created panic in each minute characteristic of our everyday life but also put the spotlight on a health-centric home. The conceptualization behind health-centric homes is to bring forth the health of the home you live in. A healthy liveability is gaining traction especially during the sudden outbreak of COVID 19 and safety measures following it.

Reposition in Design

While cities have already come a long way in terms of preventing themselves from the coronavirus, its rapid and whirlwind growth has led to the need for resilient, upholding, and sustainable cities. As individuals have adopted a healthy lifestyle, healthy food now is the time to turn your home into a healthy home. A home with enough space, in terms of air quality, open spaces, hygiene, sanitation, and housekeeping measures – as a whole shall be adopted too.

Child’s Well Being

Given the current situation, it is liable that children may be prone to being fearful and anxious about the pandemic and are clueless about what to do with the idle time on their hands. As an idle home is a devil’s workshop, parents must look for a healthy home in terms of fulfilling their child’s requirement of being healthy and hopping.

Home is where the heart is. Make sure you check the livability quotient of your home by knowing your HHQ, right away.