Dombivli: The New affordable premium destination address in MMR (Mumbai Metropolitan Region)

Runwal gardens in Dombivli

The decision to buy a home is one of the major decisions of one’s life. As such, one leaves no stone unturned to ensure that one begins it by getting it off on the right foot. Other than the availability of amenities, the location of a piece of property also helps determine its value.

Dombivli, at present, is well known to people as a warm and humid city in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). But in recent years, it has evolved as a top residential city in MMR. There are many reasons for it, including the emergence of premium projects such as the Runwal gardens in Dombivli.

These days, most homebuyers, who wish to get quality accommodation in proximity to Mumbai, consider buying a home in Dombivli. Read on to know why you should also consider this evolving residential city for buying your dream home.

What makes Dombivli the ultimate destination for your dream home?

Off late, Kalyan-Dombivli has earned the tag of an emerging smart city from the Government of India. Both existing and potential homebuyers consider it as a development initiative from the government that will brighten up Dombivli’s prospects. They believe this initiative will turn the city into a well-developed residential destination in the next few years down the line. This thought is perfectly conducive to driving investment in the new projects in Dombivli.

In addition, the following strengths also add up to make Dombivli a premium destination for buying homes:

1. Affordable housing

Every homebuyer has a fixed budget in mind; they want to buy their preferred home without exceeding it. Dombivli is the perfect option for those who wish to buy a budget-friendly home. Apart from cost-effective pricing, buyers also get to explore projects from top builders and developers in Dombivli. For home buyers, it means that Dombivli offers them the opportunity to get budget-friendly accommodation options corresponding to their preferences.

2. Good water supply facility

Before buying a home, most buyers conduct in-depth research on the availability of water supply in a location. They do it to find out if the place where they wish to reside has a continuous water supply or not. The water supply network of Dombivli is one of the best among the top cities in Maharashtra. As such, the majority of the homes in the city get an uninterrupted water supply.

3. Excellent connectivity

Every day about 10 lakh commuters head to other destinations from Dombivli. Besides, the city also has as many as eight stations. Together, these facts speak volumes for Dombivli’s excellent connectivity. Apart from rail routes, the city also has connectivity on roads as buses ply to different places from it. It is also set to get many highways, courtesy of ongoing projects that are awaiting completion in near future. 

4. Low vehicular density

At present, the vehicular density of Dombivli is 145 per 1000 vehicles. This explains why it has a pollution-free and healthy environment. For those who wish to live in a clean and calm environment away from the pollution and congestion of major cities, Dombivli is the perfect destination for buying homes.

5. Outstanding sanitation facilities and other amenities

Sanitation facilities have a major role in the designation of Dombivli as an emerging smart city in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region by the Government of India. It is considered a clean city due to the systematic arrangement and management of sanitation facilities. 

Apart from sanitation, the homes in Dombivli also have a wide range of amenities in proximity. These include schools, colleges, shopping malls, healthcare clinics, and hospitals. Due to its well-organized sanitation system, coupled with the availability of amenities, Dombivli has been able to find a place on the list of the top destinations for buying homes in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

6. Proximity to Mumbai

Dombvli’s proximity to Mumbai makes it the ultimate residential destination for working professionals as they get to head towards their office from home and vice versa in quick time. This allows them to get some time in hand for performing other activities. 

7. Brighter development prospects

Dombivli’s strategic location aptly reflects its economic opportunities. MMIC, DMIC, and Eastern Corridor, Mankoli-Mothagaon Bridge, Vasal-Panvel Rail Expansion, Dombivli-Shil Road, Airoli-Katai Tunnel Road, and Multimodal Corridor have a crucial role in it. Upon comparing Dombivli with the other cities of Maharashtra, it stands out that the city is heading towards prosperity and development. The pace at which it has witnessed its growth over the last few years remains intact even in the current situation. And it is all set further go up in the future.

Final thoughts

Going by the above reasons, it becomes crystal clear as to why it makes sense for a homebuyer to invest in a property in Dombivli. So, if you are looking for the right destination to buy your dream home and haven’t thought about this city yet, consider doing it for the above reasons.