Everything You Need to Know about Eco-Friendly Homes

People prefer eco-friendly homes for their low consumption of energy. Also, because such homes leave lesser footprints of carbon than other homes, they make a positive contribution to preserve the environment by minimizing the presence of carbon.

Runwal Group Dombivli reflects the best practices in the construction industry when it comes to building eco-friendly homes in their residential projects. Whether you talk about the wall-building materials or window daylighting or insulation, the projects from Runwal adhere to the modern building standards on all fronts.

What’s so special about eco-friendly homes?

Eco-friendly homes play a major role in reducing the greenhouse effect, which is responsible for causing global warming. They lower the footprint of carbon and, unlike the majority of other homes, consumes lesser energy.

Features of eco-friendly homes

Every home has its own sets of features and characteristics that set it apart from other homes. The same holds true about eco-friendly homes built with the modern approach.

Here are some elements that are commonplace in the majority of eco-friendly homes these days.

1. Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation constitutes the key component of eco-friendly homes. It not only aids in reducing carbon emissions but also saves you money on power bills. Most modern eco-friendly homes are built with thermal insulation materials without chemicals. Such materials are free from toxic substances and are biodegradable by nature.

The homes under the Runwal Dombivli project exemplify such homes.

2. Water conservation

Water conservation is an essential requirement of modern homes that are located in clusters such as townships. It comes in handy for supplying water for toilets, watering gardens, and other purposes. Primarily, non-drinking water is used for these purposes.

One of the most reliable ways to ensure the conservation of water is to use water-efficient appliances in conjunction with low-flow taps and rainwater harvesting techniques. 

Given that the homes under the Runwal Project have lush green gardens and greenery all around in the form of a central park, water conservation becomes all the more important from the standpoint of gardening to maintain its natural appearance. Being an eco-friendly residential project, it has the right planning in place for water conservation in the form of a rainwater harvesting pond.

3. Renewable energy sources for power generation

Unlike regular homes, eco-friendly homes adopt a different method when it comes to generating energy. Instead of fossil fuels, on which most traditional homes rely, eco-friendly homes depend on cost-effective means for this purpose. These include the use of heat pumps, biomass boilers, and solar panels.

Apart from being budget-friendly, the other benefit of using these means for energy generation is that they involve renewable energy sources. Usually, installing such sources can mean spending a hefty amount of money. However, some homes, such as those under Runwal Dombivli, address this need at fair pricing. 

4. Smart technology

Technology is the present need of the hour in the current age. There is no denying that it also plays a vital role in eco-friendly homes. It brings about the power of innovation to the table, which helps minimize the emission of carbon by viable methods.

To embrace smart technology, modern residential projects under Runwal Dombivli East and also other projects of similar stature use smart lighting and thermostats. 

While smart lighting ensures the lights are put off when not in use, the use of thermostats is imperative for regulating the temperature of homes. Apart from ensuring comfort, these approaches also minimize or prevent the wastage of energy.

5. Planned ventilation and the availability of light

The availability of proper ventilation and natural light plays an important role in ensuring a healthy environment inside homes. 

Keeping in mind its importance for the overall health and well-being of residents, the builders of most residential complexes, including the Runwal Group, opt for planned ventilation and the availability of natural light.

An eco-friendly house is built in a way that gives an edge to a homeowner from the standpoint of these aspects.

Runwal Gardens – a well-planned township featuring eco-friendly homes and convenience

Do you wish to get the true feel of the modern concept of eco-friendly homes and convenience? Buying a home in Runwal Gardens is your best bet for it. 

Apart from eco-friendly homes with the features mentioned above, the homes under the project also have many other hallmark features. These include the following:

● A stunning central park with plenty of greenery all around

● A huge landscape spanning across 115 acres – a source of joy

● Excellent connectivity through roadways and rail routes through Airoli-Katai Tunnel Road, Vasai-Panvel Rail Expansion, Multimodal Corridor, Kalyan-Taloja Metro Line, and other such projects

● Amenities such as schools, shopping malls, hospitals, and petrol pumps close to the township

● Availability of gardens, jogging and cycling tracks, play area, reflexology zones, clubhouse, rainwater harvesting pond, and other such facilities

● Luxurious 1, 2, and 3 BHK residences

Summing up

The attributes of eco-friendly homes, as mentioned above, constitute the reasons for which more and more people are switching to these homes. After all, everyone wants to enjoy modern living without harming the environment. If you are looking for an eco-friendly home, buying one that belongs to a renowned township such as Runwal Gardens or a similar project would be the best option for you. Choosing this option will give you good value for money.