HHQ leads to improving your Social, Mental, and Physical Health

A lot has gone with the term ‘health’ and into understanding the fundamental factors leading to maintaining it in one’s mental, physical, and social health. We have vitally adapted to healthy living, healthy diet, healthy workout, etc. But wouldn’t it be easier to live in a healthy home? Healthy living can be measured by knowing your HHQ which leads to showing how the home in which you live influences your social, physical, and mental health.

Improves Your Mental health

Living in a healthy home embarks a positive outlook on the occupant. In a calm and soothing home, one can easily put their guards down without overthinking or taking stress. Even though the mind is capable it must not be overburdened. We often think about or consider health based on substantial, physical, or dietary issues rather than one’s mental state. However, mental wellbeing is far more complex than just the absence of mental illness. It brings out a lot more positive flank to mental health, by embodying more aspirational concerns such as peace of mind, comfort, composure, social connection, self-realization, and contentment.

The building where the occupant is living impacts the mental state making the neighborhood influencing the occupant’s mental health and wellbeing by bolstering mental resilience, enabling to heal from mental illness, and nurturing a general feeling of happiness and empowerment. As the home is where people spend most of their time, especially now in particular where occupants are spending time with family members. Making HHQ an ideal way to know the issue of your happiness in your home. Also, making us realize how vital residential design is in molding emotions and the mental state of the occupant.

Nevertheless, builders have begun designing quality homes that are strongly linked to mental health. Making people live in better quality housing leading to less psychological issues, including decreased anxiety and depression.

Improves Your Social Wellbeing

Mental well being has a huge contribution to social interaction. Having good rapport, control over your own life, and a sense of motive are all attributes of functioning well. Being isolated and shutting oneself from others has been a tentative behavior of people pre-pandemic resulting in distress and loneliness. Showing kindness, care, and compassion towards others must now emerge as a rigorous discipline.

Social interaction is a key factor in determining both the physical and mental health wellbeing of her HHQ. being socially affected by social distancing and by the social presence can be demotivating. Make sure the people you reach out to or connect to daily are supportive.

It takes more than just social interaction towards well being. Living in a place with a healthy environment within a neighborhood involving a school, workspaces, hospitals, supermarkets, and malls where one can chirp and flourish with social activities.

As the World Health Organisation (WHO) states “the main action on social determinants of health … come from outside the health sector”. To be in a complete state of physical, mental, and social wellbeing it is necessary to be healthy. Therefore, being healthy includes being aware of the interrelationships between mental and psychological as well as social factors. How occupants function at home and with their community is seen as part of healthy living.

Improves Your Physical Health

With our modern lifestyles, we rely on metabolic processes to maintain our health. But, physical health can be exposed to unfavorable environmental conditions that harm one’s health and well being. In the current situation where occupants are quarantined in their homes, it affects the performance of their physical health, in particular, means of productivity, and mood.

Staying physically active in such situations can be possible if you live in a township that offers an outdoor gym. During a pandemic having a gym in your proximity can boost your resistance level and keep you and your family fit and fine. The real estate sector must consider designing homes based on features that can affect many different positive and negative aspects of physical health. For instance, nature surrounding spacious homes, neighborhoods with jogging tracks and cycle paths shall enable the occupants to live an active lifestyle.

Our body is primed for movement and must be in homeostasis. But what if our home does not have enough space? By measuring your HHQ you can find out the answer to all your questions about living in a healthy home.