How to Transform your Home into a ‘Green’ Space?

Even though your house formally was not built with keeping the green element in mind, a change can be brought about quite simple. Since our urban lifestyle is being affected by environmental changes we need to incorporate as much awareness and action into our daily lives. Residential complexes as a community can actively participate in conserving the environment through tree plantation, waste segregation, Compost plants, and water harvestation.  Also by individually embracing a green lifestyle we can create an impact and inspire people around us. Going chemical-free goods for health and reduce reuse and recycle can bring more purpose and health to life.

Use public transport or Pool it

Reducing the number of vehicles on the road will make a substantial difference in the emission of greenhouse gases. Driving your car alone each day adds to pollution and becomes seriously damaging for the coming generation. The use of public transport can make a considerable difference in traffic problems too consequently reducing stress and improving the quality of life for people for you and for the inhabitants of congested city areas. If it’s viable one could use an electric bike or walk-in case of a shorter distance.

Eat and Live Healthy

According to the experts, the local consumption movement also called locavores is revolutionary for the environment. In this movement, people prefer to eat food grown or sold fresh in relatively fresh daily markets instead of opening refrigerated cans with tons of preservatives. This could be implemented on all other products of your daily use and disbursing to almost every field of modern consumption such as fashion, cosmetics, furniture, even electronics at times. Through this endeavor of consuming products made locally, we can reduce the environmental impacts of your purchase as bulk transportation is minimalized.  Transporting is indeed one of the most energy-intensive step of a product’s supply chain as it likely involves a plane, trucks or even ships, all identified as major contributors to climate change.

Join socially aware groups

Advocating your different ideas can feel like a tedious task sometimes. Therefore joining a group with similar sustainable interests can be of great help. You can start awareness camps professing your ideas in schools, colleges, building societies, and slum areas. You could arrange screening of documentaries, followed by debates and do conferences in the corporate sector. By joining them the benefits of initiating a green lifestyle they can strengthen the environmental movement.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

It is a fact that cities generate most of the man-made waste across the globe. And the problem is only worsening unless we realize and act on it as fast as we can. Many areas within the city are neglected and the infrastructure is limited to take care of the massively people’s discarded items and other waste. This leads to major sanitary and environmental crises such as the one taking place in our country. Therefore reducing is professed as a great option. So if you’re into getting your morning coffee from the nearby coffee shop, bring your own coffee cup, say no to the straw that comes with your drink, don’t forget your water bottle and use your own bag to shop your groceries rather than the plastic one given by the store. Implementing these habits will heavily reduce the waste you produce.

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