Is real estate still a Good Investment? Yes, and here’s why

Under such unstable conditions, Runwal gardens support and recommend social distancing and to follow other major measures throughout the current lockdown. Apart from the pandemic concern, the global market is widely affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and so is the scenario for the real estate sector. 

Fleeting Buyers

As businesses are shuttered over the globe, the real estate sector too has undergone major loss as buyers are more focused on the outbreak rather than buying in real estate. But, in order to gain these fleeting buyer’s attention real estate companies have adopted social media techniques to gain their audiences back. Buyers are assured by real estate companies on their purchase of flats and apartments now as they provide confirmation and online booking reservations for the buyers which have made them start gaining interest in investing again. So, Why Real Estate is a good investment now?

Marketing through Social Media

During this lockdown, there is extreme usage of social media by the customers which are actually fruitful for the real estate companies as they can show their customer service with news and awareness about Corona Virus. This helps them gain the attention of the buyers and investors towards their housing projects. Companies are capturing buyer’s attention by showing how their housing projects have been taking actions in making their residents feel safe and secure under current circumstances. Therefore, almost every Real Estate company has begun creating social media posts and initiatives which makes their projects a good investment option for the buyers. 

Low Mortgage Interest Rates 

Any buyer would prefer investing now when the markets are subdued and low. Whenever the mortgage rates are low, there is an exceptional rise in the number of buyers who begin buying homes and investment properties. In the current crisis, home loan interest rates are at an all-time low and the interest subvention is low too. With lower mortgage rates there is an advantage for the buyers to buy flats and apartments. Real estate builders and developers like Runwal Gardens provide residential projects in Kalyan and new projects in Dombivli. Under present market conditions, it is apparently one of the best times to invest.

Long-Term Investment

Regardless of the current situation, real estate is still a good investment because it is a long term investment. Real estate is a valued investment and is always preferred by the buyers. Even after purchasing, if the buyer has tenants paying the mortgage, it makes the investment much more profitable. Nothing other than real estate offers such long-run investment assurance in regards to other market investments as it generates regular income in the form of rentals or notable capital value.

Smart investment decision

The impact on the cost of the property will certainly differ – like a cycle it will be exceptionally costly as rentals go high once the market situation changes.  The potential investors are at an advantage here by investing in properties now with higher rental income for the future. The intrinsic demand in the real estate sector is directly linked to the growth of GDP, which makes it the consummate investment option for the buyer. With the presumed rise in economic growth business cycles will eventually turn, with GDP growth rate getting higher and fetching better ROI. 

Mainly, five reasons for a buyer to invest in real estate now are due to future competitive and long-term investment, substantial hold, stable dividend yields, Substantial outcome, liquidity inflow, market transparency and real estate companies diversification. The real estate sector has therefore, made It seem considerable for buyers and investors to invest as the market is subdued and is at an exemplary position to enclose. 

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