Make a New Year’s Resolution, Give Your Family Their Dream Home in Runwal Gardens

Make a New Year's Resolution, Give Your Family Their Dream Home in Runwal Gardens

With exciting career opportunities and an improved standard of living, Kalyan Dombivli has bright prospects. If you are still looking for your dream home, you’d want to get it here for these reasons.

The Covid-19 pandemic may have slowed things down for you for some time. But a new year has begun with new hopes. And it is just about the right time to buy your dream home. You don’t need to worry about looking for a residential property in Kalyan, though.

Runwal Gardens – one of the leading residential projects in Kalyan – has the best 1, 2, and 3 BHK homes to fulfill this requirement. 

Here are some key attributes that put Runwal Gardens under the spotlight among new projects in Kalyan.

Runwal Gardens – a township with the best features spread across an area of 115 acres

Most people look for urban life because it has opportunities. At the same time, they also look for peace. Spotting a piece of property in Kalyan that can help strike the right balance between these aspects can be challenging. If you have been looking for such a residential area for your dream home, your search ends with Runwal Gardens.

It is a safe township in which every inch gives the feel of convenience. It has greenery all around, coupled with innovation and thoughtful planning. As one of the eminent and best residential projects in Kalyan, it has all the technological innovations and amenities to not only house your dreams but also the dreams of your future generation.

From schools to hospitals – everything within a single township in one of the new projects in Kalyan

More than one of the top residential projects in Kalyan, Runwal Gardens is a complete township. Both its basic and advanced amenities add up to make it a high-value destination for homes. Runwal Gardens has the majority of these amenities within the premises for the sake of the convenience of the residents.

To meet the educational and schooling needs of children, it has a school within the premises. Plus, as one of the new projects in Kalyan, it also has several other amenities within its premises. These include a multispecialty hospital, offices, high-street retail, and a Mall that extends up to an area of 10 lakh square feet.

No doubt, these features make Runwal Projects a desirable residential property in Kalyan. But they have a greater significance for the residents of the housing project as they fulfill their needs to lead a convenient and modern life. 

A top-notch residential property in a bouquet of infrastructure projects

Runwal Gardens is located in Kalyan Dombivli, which is one of the most prominent suburbs of Mumbai. It is the spot in which a growth corridor has been proposed and accepted by the State Government of Maharashtra. The proposed project will have wide roads, a multi-modal corridor, and a freight corridor. The acceptance of the project by the State Government of Maharashtra means that the work on it will begin on the proposed projects, and they will eventually become a reality.

Also, Kalyan is all set to be the home to several future infrastructure projects. In this connection, the proposed projects include Kalyan -Taloja Metro, Kalyan Shilphata road expansion, a six-lane freeway that will connect Kalyan with Airoli, and the Virar-Alibaug Multimodal Corridor. Also on the list of the proposed projects is Mankhali Motagaon bridge, which will enhance the connectivity between Kalyan and Dombivli.

These future projects will give a further boost to the value of the residential properties in Kalyan. Keeping it in mind, buying a home in Runwal Gardens can be a profitable deal for you. This move will yield you high returns on your investment in the future.

Book your dream home in the best township in Kalyan

Together, the above features make each home of Runwal Gardens a valuable investment prospect for homebuyers. Moreover, you can choose the type of home you want to accommodate your needs in this Kalyan-based residential project. To get a home within your budget without the need for a huge space, you can go with 1 BHK. If you want more space along with the aforementioned amenities, you can opt for a 2 or 3 BHK flat in this project. Go ahead and book your dream home now!