Nature’s Panoramic Residences: Runwal Gardens

runwal gardens

Everyone wants the house of their dreams to be according to their choice. Most homebuyers look for aspects such as the touch of nature, open spaces, and amenities. But getting a home with these amenities in a strategic location and modern township like Dombivli is nothing shorter than a challenge.

To make it a reality, Runwal Group has started a modern residential project like Runwal Gardens. For many reasons, it is one of nature’s panoramic residences.

What Makes Runwal Gardens a Panoramic Residence of Nature?

Runwal Gardens, at best, can be defined as an abode that weaves convenience, thoughtfulness, and innovation. It is strategically located in Dombivali – a destination that is replete with financial opportunities. Its closeness to renowned companies makes it the perfect destination for both job and career-oriented people.

What makes Runwal Dombivli East a pick of the bunch is its location amid greenery and open spaces.

1. Stunning Views

Waking up to a stunning view from the window or the balcony is the best way to start your day. The thoughtful design of the residences of the Runwal Project in Dombivali provides homeowners with this feature. Whether you take a look at the view in the morning or the evening, you can rest assured that the sight will instantly refresh your mood.

2. Well-Venitillated& Lit Rooms

The interiors of the residences of Runwal Dombivli are built with a modern and thoughtful design. It ensures proper ventilation as well as lighting in the rooms.

The natural daylight coming from windows creates a pleasing ambiance inside the rooms. As a result, both cool and warm shades look great on the walls. Also, you can depend on this feature to decorate your rooms in multiple ways as it will help highlight any color arrangement that you choose.

On one hand, proper lighting boosts the look of interiors of the homes. On the other hand, the remarkable ventilation system improves the health of the residents.

3. Picturesque Gardens

Runwal Gardens is spread over an area of 115 acres. As a result, it has plenty of space for gardens and other green spaces. On average, the whole property has more than 14 gardens for recreation. The soft and green grass, coupled with a stunning view is perfect to enrich your mood with a touch of nature.

You can either stroll in the park or take a seat to sit back and relax your mood. Either way, it is a perfect solution to refresh the body and mind after a long day at the workplace.

4. Open Spaces

Fitness has a major role in today’s fast-paced life wherein most people follow a sedentary lifestyle. Yoga, morning walks, jogging, cycling, and other forms of exercise are great for the fitness of both body and mind. Nothing gives the body and mind the new vigor in a better way than ventilation when you perform these exercises.

To further facilitate the residents in achieving the objective of a well-shaped body, the open spaces have dedicated tracks for jogging and cycling.

5. Multipurpose Stadiums

Sports are beneficial for both children and adults alike. For children, though, they come with the added advantage of improved academic performance and teamwork. Does your kid have a liking for sports? If yes, Runwal Gardens has the perfect solution to nurture the skills of your little one and help him/her become a champ.

The multipurpose stadium has a dedicated space for cricket with the arrangement to help kids learn the ins and outs of the sport under the supervision of experts. Besides, league matches held in the tournament named after the property allow kids to showcase their cricketing skills. Apart from cricket, the stadium also has excellent facilities for other outdoor sports.

6. 5-Minute Walk to all the Amenities

A home in Runwal Dombivali is not just a dwelling with modern amenities; it is truly an abode with exciting future possibilities. From shopping malls to medical centers and office spaces, all key facilities are located within a walkable distance.

The residential property also has an international school with properly installed CCTVs. Thus, you can rest assured that your kid will go to a school within the premises surrounded by an environment of safety and security.

The residential project also has the best connectivity options. It is conveniently located close to railway stations. While some projects have been completed, others are in the progress and will be complete in the next few months down the line.

Final Thoughts

The above amenities add up to make Runwal Gardens one of nature’s panoramic residences. In most housing projects, homebuyers either get modern amenities or the touch of nature. But the project from Runwal Group Dombivli is different in the sense that it combines both these features to provide affordable homes with picturesque views.