Open Spaces Are a Necessity, Not a Luxury

Nowadays, almost everyone likes open spaces without questioning their importance. But some people wonder if it is just an option or a necessity. People have their views both in support of and against it.

Due to the growing population in India, most cities in the country face a housing problem now than ever before. The construction of several houses within a limited space increases the risk of turning cities into concrete jungles. Proper planning is needed to ensure the availability of spaces.

Runwal Gardens, a township in Dombivli, exemplifies how hoses can be built with proper spacing between them to avoid creating clutter. Besides, open spaces are necessary for several other reasons. Read on to get an insight into such reasons:

Runwal Gardens – the abode of happiness with spacious exteriors

Runwal Gardens is surrounded by greenery all around. It has a landscape of 115 acres which looks stunning to the eye. Throughout the township, there are open places at multiple locations. These open spaces are an idea for sitting and other activities.

Whether you wish to hang out with your friends or spend time with your family members, the open spaces of Runwal Gardens are perfect for these purposes.

The value of open spaces and living in a township can only be understood by those who have experienced the hustle and bustle of city life. Such people generally seek a quiet place with a soothing environment and plenty of greenery to relax when they return home after spending a long and tiring day in the office.

The green and picturesque Central Park of this project not only present greenery to the eye but also emotions. Nothing refreshes the mood better than the sight of several kids playing and others sitting and hanging around.

Plus, the open spaces of the township also amount to the availability of other amenities. It is only due to the open spaces that the township has schools and other educational institutions. The availability of schools and other educational institutions saves the residents and their children from going to distant places for educational needs.

Open spaces have contributed to the modern infrastructure of Runwal Gardens

Speaking of schools, the township concerning Runwal Gardens has three big names. These include Ira Global School, Omkar Cambridge International School, and Sriram School. All these schools are located within 1-4 km from the residential project.

Schools aside, Runwal Gardens also has other facilities that add up to make it one of the best residential projects in Dombavali. These include shopping malls, hospitals, and petrol pumps.

Close to the township, there are three shopping malls. Apart from a proposed R Mall, there are two renowned malls, namely Xperia Mall and D Mart. Both these malls are located within the 5 km range from the city.

Much like educational institutions and shopping malls, residents of modern townships also attach importance to hospitals. They leave no stone unturned to find out if there are any hospitals nearby or within a township before finalizing their purchase decision to purchase a home in it.

As is the case with the other amenities, Runwal Gardens does not disappoint its residents in this regard either. The prominent hospitals in the township include the following:

● AIMs Hospital

● Icon Hospital

● RR Hospital

Apart from these hospitals, builders and developers in Dombivli who are associated with the project also have plans to build a proposed hospital within the project for the benefit of the residents. It is in the pipeline, and you can expect it to be a reality in the next few years down the line.

Likewise, there are also two petrol pumps in the township. One of them is for petrol vehicles, and the other is for those that run on CNG. Building these conveniences in the township has been possible primarily due to the availability of open spaces.

Numerous tracks, gardens, rain water harvesting pond, and other facilities 

From the arrangements for physical workouts to relaxation, Runwal Gardens has everything that you can think about on the checklist of the essentials for an improved lifestyle. The cycling and jogging tracks of the project are perfect for addressing the physical fitness-related needs of the residents.

Due to the availability of rainwater harvesting ponds in the township, it has eco-friendly homes. It also has a long list of other amenities that you can think of. It is the availability of open spaces in the township which has contributed to the availability of all the above-mentioned conveniences.

Summing up

Runwal Gardens, with its concept of a well-planned township, has also influenced many new projects in Dombivli to leave open spaces for a clutter-free and spacious infrastructure. Also, the project has shown why open spaces are not just an option but a necessity for builders and developers in Dombivli.