Things That Make Dombivli Different From Other Places in Thane

Dombivali has many popular places that make living very vibrant within environs

Famous Places in Dombivli

  • Khidkaleshwar Temple

The Khidkaleshwar Temple situated at Shil-phata Road, it is believed that temple is committed to Lord Shiva and was created by Pandavas in their Aranyavasam time.

  • Khidkali Lake

The sanctuary is encompassed by the Khidkali Lake and the people who came here used to give bread to tortoises and fishes. Khidkaleshwar Temple trustee arranges fairs on the eve of MahaShivratri which is also a famous attraction in Dombivli for.

  • Shree Ganesh Temple

Temple is located in Dombivli east, in between Dombivli-Thakurli railway station. Large number of people gets here at the time of Gudipadwa and Diwali to worship and visit this holy place.

Here is the list of some places you can visit in Dombivli

  • Ganpati Mandir
  • Swami Ramdas Mutt
  • Shri Mayureshwar Mandir
  • Gaon Devi Mandir
  • Somwar Bazaar
  • Khidkaleshwar Temple
  • Utsav
  • Balaji Temple
  • Gudhi Padwa Celebration/Phadke road
  • Rotary Club Park

Famous Food Centre in Dombivli

  • Modern Cafe
  • Gajanan Vadapav
  • Thakur Vadapav
  • Munmun Misal

Thus, it is rightly said that Dombivli is the cultural sub-capital of Maharashtra.

The unique history of Dombivali has made it different from other places

In the past, within Dombivli also, the areas were named on the basis of the inhabitants, e.g., the areas where the Thakurs lived was called THAKURLI. The areas where stonecutters lived were known as PATHARLI and the area where the Dombas lived was called DOMBIVLI. The area Diva, Ghariwali, Agasan was the neighboring village since ancient times. The stone inscriptions that existed in the year 1300 B.C. at Agasan have been preserved in the Museum even today.

Dombivli was surrounded by the ruins of is the following villages. To the East the CHOLE village, to the West is the Airey(Aayre) village, to the South is the Patharli village, and to the North is the Thakurli village.

Dombivli is situated near a creek. It is approximately at a height of 15 feet above the Creek level. Dombivli is crowned over the villages of Chole, Airey, Patharli, and Thakurli. The land here is rough and rocky by nature and the climate was warm and dry and there was a scarcity of water. As Dombivli is a recent settlement its history does not date back to a very ancient period. In the year 1880, the first person who settled down in Kopargaon near Dombivlit was late Shri-Narayan Atmaram Patkar. He had two ships, which he used to transport and trade in Rice and other commodities through the Kalyan Creek. Dombivli Railway Station was set-up in the year 1887. There was a thick growth of trees such as Karwandi, Pendhkadi, Fur, and Nivdung. Dombivli is honored as the first-ever fully literate town of Asia but has been taken over by a town in Kerala

Shopping in Dombivli is really fun and one can see everything available by walking across the street. You can walk to get electronics items, fashion accessories, apparels, music instruments form the town itself. A number of supermarkets, departmental stores, general stores, markets, malls, bazaars etc. have made the life for the residents of Dombivli quite easy

Dombivli is a well-known commercial place located in the state of Maharashtra. Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation is a big industrial complex that has been developed around Dombivli include Vicco Labs, Gharda chemicals, Deepak Fertilizers, Llyod Steel etc.

Thus Investing in a property in Dombivali is a trusted option for real estate investors. It is because of the progressive infrastructure. The upcoming plans such as Kalyan metro rail, a new airport in Navi Mumbai and the topmost, Airoli-Katai tunnel project is giving the way to raise demands for real estate development in Dombivali. The booming infrastructural development factors to distinctive growth compared to other suburbs. With time, these infrastructural changes will further uplift the face of this coveted locality.