Ways to Keep Your Home Cool During Summer

Ways to Keep Your Home Cool During Summer

Maharashtra has a typical monsoon climate. As Dombivli lies in this state, it also has the same kind of weather conditions. Here, the summer is hot and humid. If you are planning to get your dream home in one of the residential projects in Dombivli, you would want to make sure it has proper arrangements to help you beat the summer heat.

One of the new projects in Dombivli, namely Runwal Gardens, has special arrangements to help you deal with the summer heat. You would also want to take some steps from your end as well. Here are some handy ways to keep your home cool during summer.

1. Prevent heat from entering indoors

In most cases, heat enters your home through the windows. To prevent it, you need to invest in curtains and shades. When buying curtains for this purpose, do not forget to bear a few things in mind. For instance, consider the material with which they are made. To ensure that your purchased curtains are breathable, choose the ones that repel heat. Some such materials include bamboo shades, jute screens, sheers, and cotton.

Also, consider the color of the curtains before buying them. Avoid those pieces that have a dark color. Dark shades heat, whereas the lighter ones can help keep your home cool.

2. Keep humidity outdoors

A dehumidifier performs two tasks at once. On the one hand, it drives out excess moisture from a room. On the other, it also frees the latter of environmental hazards like pet dander, grime, and dust. Keeping in mind the hot and humid weather conditions of Dombivli in summer, buying a dehumidifier can be a profitable investment for you from which you can get good returns.

3. Cool hues can help you keep the temperature indoors under control

Cool hues produce a cooling effect that helps keep the temperature under control indoors. Runwal Group, one of the top builders and developers in Dombivli, has added cool hues to the homes to give the residents of Runwal Gardens much needed relief from the scorching heat in summer.

Lighter shades on the walls not only keep the homes of Runwal Gardens cool but also boost their appearance. They look brilliant and beautiful in summer. 

4. Air circulation and cross ventilation – the perfect combination to beat the heat in summer

It is an open secret that even in summers, the air remains cool between 5 am and 8 am during the daytime and between 8 pm and 10 pm. Keeping it in mind, the developer of Runwal Gardens has made the homes Vaastu-compliant. Thus, you do not have to worry about ventilation and lighting.

You can rest assured that a cool breeze will flow indoors both in the morning and night to keep them cool. Whether it is morning or night, your home will remain cool at both these times.

5. Consider the bedding material to enjoy a sound sleep at night

Getting a sound sleep at night is beneficial for both your physical and mental health. But it can be easier said than done in summer unless you make certain considerations. Some people find falling asleep a hard nut to crack in this season. Do you also feel the same? If yes, you can turn to an easy solution.

Consider the material of your bedsheet. Is it made of polyester, silk, or satin? These are a strict no-no in summer. Also, refrain from using a bed sheet that has a dark color. Instead, opt for bed sheets that have a lighter shade and are made of light materials like cotton and linen. Keep changing your sheets at regular intervals. These simple tricks will help you get a sound sleep at night and give both your body and mind the much-need rest they need after a long day.

6. Go for greens – keep the rooms of your home cool and detoxify them at once

The outdoors of homes in Runwal Gardens have plenty of greens. But you can also produce the same effect indoors by going for window planters. They can act as natural air-conditioners by keeping the hot air cool inside the rooms of your home. Plus, they will also help you detox your living room and other rooms and make them aesthetically pleasing. 

For best results, choose some of the tried and tested window planters. These include the ficus tree, areca palm trees, aloe vera, and other such plants.

Final thoughts

Sure, you cannot control the temperature and sweltering heat of Dombivli in summer. But you can surely try out some tricks to mitigate the effects of heat and humidity in summer. Try implementing the above tips to beat the heat and stay cool in summer.