Why is HHQ important?

If asked, What kind of home would you like to live in?

One shall reply home where I feel safe and secure, a home that is easy to maintain, a home in a safe locality, a home with nature and greenery around, a home with plenty of natural light, a home that is energy efficient, and much more. These are things that any individual would ask from their home.

But, how can you know that the home is healthy?

It is now possible with HHQ.

HHQ is here to measure certain characteristics regarding your home and location. After which your score is provided based on those characteristics letting you know if your home is healthy or not.

Why is HHQ important?

For An Individual

In everyday life individuals would go for work, college, school yet come back home. Making home the place where we spent most of our time. It’s where we eat, sleep and relax, and that makes it even more important why we should know the HHQ of our home.

With uncertain times as such, the awareness of being healthy and living in healthy homes must be endeared. Yet, many are still unaware of how the home environment can affect their mental and physical well being. Factors such as from the quality of the internal air, to how much space and light gets in, how much storage space is available, healthy neighborhood, recreational centers, nature, local amenities, medical facilities, and educational institutions around the home is critical as it impacts on health and wellbeing.

For Health & Well Being

As all of these have a toll on how much residents will enjoy living in their dwellings and therefore on their health and wellbeing. It compromises a very wide range of issues depending on our behavioral and lifestyle characteristics. Apart from mental and physical well being, social connectedness is also vital as it influences the outdoor wellbeing of the person.

For Healthy Infrastructure

With necessary changes in the health and well being of the residers, builders and developers must take into consideration that the occupant’s health is vital. Considering this, building design, construction, management, and refurbishment must also undergo changes adapting the lifestyle of the residers. By improving these things in the infrastructure can lead to a shift in internal layout and the external appearance. Also with the use of sustainable materials, internal environmental conditions can be heightened and improve the overall health and wellbeing of the residents.

For the Real Estate Sector

For real estate, the demand for healthy homes has spiked with the growing interest and need for healthy living and healthy neighborhoods. By an increase in demand for healthy homes, it is evident that the real estate sector must embrace the shift in the living of the residers. If the homebuyer is satisfied and comfortable within your roof then there is a chance that it supports your improvement in the housing sector and businesses brand recognition.

For The Future

The juxtaposition of desks and chairs to social space, aided by the initiation of technology and the validation of basic building design principles which include the quality of light, delivery of well-tempered surroundings and create places which encourage communal interaction. As times have changed so have the technology and our lookout on health. From a healthy diet, healthy workout, healthy lifestyle to healthy homes the term healthy has become the constant prefix of it all. Now with more risk-averse in homebuyers provision and selection of housing makes HHQ an important contributing factor.