With Rising Prices of Building Materials now is the Best Time to Buy a Home

With Rising Prices of Building Materials now is the Best Time to Buy a Home

With Rising Prices of Building Materials now is the Best Time to Buy a Home

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the prices of homes were high in Mumbai and its suburbs. However, things changed following the outbreak of the pandemic. Due to it, the demand for homes went down which also led to a reduction in their prices were down. At present, the prices of homes have gone up once again. The rising prices of building materials have a significant role in it. 

Dombivli tops the list of the lucrative locations for homes nearby Mumbai. It has many residential projects with unique features based on which they compete with one another. However, Runwal Gardens leads the list of the top residential projects in Dombivli with a long list of outstanding features. Built by the Runwal Group, it is a luxurious housing project with the best features and amenities.

Keeping the growing prices of building materials in mind, you might want to buy a home before it exceeds your budget. Under Runwal Gardens, you can choose 1, 2, and 3 BHK homes to fulfill your dream of owning the home of your dreams.

Amid the rising prices of building materials, here are some good reasons to buy your dream home on the lucrative property in Dombivli with modern homes under Runwal Gardens.

1. A modern township equipped with the best features in 115 acres

Runwal Gardens is a well-planned township that is made by Runwal Group, one of the top builders and developers in Dombivli, to support a lavish lifestyle. For those who dream of breathtaking ambiance and wish to get the feel of the high life, the residential projects make it a reality with both township utilities and clubhouse amenities.

In addition to basic amenities, it also consists of some unique ones. Included on the list of such amenities are a business center for work from home, a 24×7 cafe, dedicated indoor pool for women, dedicated play area for kids, a banquet hall, multiple tennis courts, podcasting studio, and snooker room.

The top township utilities of the residential project include a laundromat, supermarket, co-working spaces, convenience shop, spa and salon, a digital-eye-based creche.

2. Prime Avenue: the jewel in the crown of Runwal Gardens

Prime Avenue is one of the central parts of Runwal Gardens. Its addition to the township by Runwal Group, one of the top builders and developers in Dombivli, has helped transform it into a multi-award winning township. Here, apart from more than 100 amenities, you will also find more than 14 beautiful gardens and a Central park that stretches up to an area of 11 acres.

For a change, Prime Avenue has two distinct gates for entry and exit. The rationale behind it is to prevent the possibility of traffic congestion. Besides, it also provides easy access Kalyan-Shil Road, and also the proposed mall nearby the residential project.

3. Lush greenery and other sophisticated amenities in the stunning Central Park

The Central Park of the township, with its stunning view, stretches up to a length of 11 acres. It offers exciting facilities for socializing and recreation. To address the needs of the residents, it has more than a hundred amenities. Prominent ones among them are mentioned below.

Central Park amenities: French Garden, multi-sports area, seasonal garden, bulbs, and tubers garden, chess plaza, trellis with creepers, cycling track, central plaza, gazebo with seating, amphitheater, pet zone, stargazing deck with a telescope, health kiosks, herbs garden, barbeque zone, kids’ play area, palm court, grave pathway, pond with natural water, cultural events zone, playground, skating rink, yoga cabanas, yoga deck, floral plantation, rock seating, jogging track, cacti garden, arcadia, teens play area, bonsai garden, bonfire pit, picnic gazebo, sculpture garden, maze garden, iconic sculptures

4. Top-notch connectivity to neighboring areas and beyond

Runwal Gardens is located in a strategic location at Kalyan-Shil Road. The project is well-connected to the adjoining areas through top-notch residential projects. A fast metro transport system and a Multimodal Corridor are the two hallmark features among the connectivity options.

The major connectivity options for the residents of the project include Kalyan-Shil Road, Multimodal Corridor, Kalyan-Taloja Metro Line, Ahmedabad-Mumbai Bullet Train, Airoli-Katai Tunnel, Vasai-Panvel Rail Expansion, and Mankoli-Mothagaon Bridge.

Book your dream home among 1, 2, and 3 BHK homes under Runwal Gardens

With the above features, Runwal Gardens is a high-value property in Dombivli. It offers 1, 2, and 3 BHK homes for sale at reasonable prices. Choose the type of home you want to house your dreams based on your budget – book your home now!