Where you see is where you buy

Runwal Gardens - Where you see is where you buy

Amongst the significant factors to be considered while buying a home, location is the most important parameter. Decisions plainly based on the home itself could be a detrimental bargain especially when the location is compromised. Choosing the right location makes it vital for real estate investment also, the readiness of the amenities, the interior amenities of the house can be changed, the one thing you can’t change is the home’s location. A great location can be advantageous in many ways just like Runwal Gardens which is located right on the Kalyan Shil road.

Runwal Group, the leading developer, has chosen this area after scrutinizing all the factors which make any location most conducive to having a balanced and positive life. Flats for sale in Dombivli in the area enveloped by Runwal Gardens property are a sheer testament to the objectives of quality and astute workmanship including an array of amenities and facilities.

Where you see a location that is in the prime of the area affordable to you, you buy it based on its connectivity, accessibility, and viability. Seamless transportation and in-reach amenities play a vital role in you locking a location to reside in. Such locations are coveted for the favorability of maintaining the work-life balance. Therefore demands of such location result in the profitability of your real estate investment, flat for sale in Dombivli East have witnessed appreciation in value due to being consistently in demand.

An important aspect that home buyers should be aware of is the location promised to them. It is always better to verify what is being offered to you verbally and in the official agreement. There have been instances where customers are shown homes close to the sales office, but eventually, they are sold homes which are several KMs inside the main road. This is why you should always check the RERA and the agreement. Runwal Group is a reputed developer is constructing this township on freehold land, with clear titles. And with this, you can also see very clearly where your tower is being built. Construction is at an advanced stage, and you can take a walk in the 11 Acre Central Garden and see the towers, many of which have reached the top slab.

Where you are searching for property is also very important. Considering certain factors when looking for a great location to buy your next real estate:

The Location Matters the most 

The Property Price of prominent locations is bound to surge in the future. Prime locality might cost you more comparatively, ending up with you spending more to buy it, but you will benefit more with the property prices increasing manifolds.

Property in Dombivli is easy to resell in case you decide to move and wish to sell your home, which is a property in the main area. It will sell with ease due to the demand of that coveted location and you can get a price you quote.

It is an absolutely affirmed fact that with more conveniences the quality of life gets better. Not just the monetary gain, but you and your family can also benefit from everyday comforts more easily with a location with an established social infrastructure.

2 bhk flats in Dombivli East by Runwal Gardens is close to the city center, popular schools, premier colleges, and places of work. Potential buyers and their family members will have a seamless commute and can spend quality time with each other at home.

Locations such as Dombivli and residential marvels such as Runwal Gardens are home to people from various walks of life, aspiring the very best for their families and themselves. 

Once the home location is sealed it is imperative to factor in the below features.

Safety and security are essential and of utmost importance, if you have a family.  One should be vigilant and avoid areas with higher criminal activities. Peaceful neighborhoods with gated communities such as Runwal Gardens in Dombivli East take away your safety concerns with its 24*7 securities and surveillance.

Connectivity & Transportation is the backbone of your lifestyle. People residing in an inaccessible location with few modes of public transport would make life cumbersome. On the other hand, an area well connected by public and private transport such as local trains, buses, and auto-rickshaws is most convenient to live in.

A locality such as Dombivili is burgeoning with Infrastructure Developments and is continuously developing and growing. Several ongoing infrastructure projects vouch for a future with a good growth rate. Also, the many upcoming businesses, commercial projects, and roadways ascertain the flat for sale in Dombivli to sell like hot cake.

Runwal Gardens is located in Dombivali which is a very well-planned and well-developed suburb of Mumbai Thane. Its vibrant cosmopolitan population dominated by Maharashtrians, Jains, Gujaratis, Kannadigas, Tamilians, Malayalees, and Punjabis make this place perfect for the millennial generation. The affordability factor also works in huge favor of buyers and investors. For the convenience of movement, like most well-planned suburbs of Mumbai Dombivali too is divided into two major parts i.e. East and west,

Runwal Gardens is equipped with modern lifestyle amenities that enable us to live a better well-managed life and it provides ample opportunity in its signature township. The locality and the amenities of this distinguished township create a harmonious equilibrium so that life can be cherished to the fullest. Top builders such as Runwal group dombivli have the experience and the expertise to evaluate the needs and demands relevant to the time and accurately provide through their projects such as Runwal Gardens.

To sum it up location has the largest effect on home values, the right location creates desirability, provides convenience, which appreciates in the future. Thus investment in location is always going to be your number one priority because ‘Where you see is where you buy.