Why is a duplex house a favorite among customers?

Why is a duplex house a favourite among customers?

Duplex Houses are the Most Favourite Among the Home Buyers

Duplex houses are ubiquitous in the Indian real estate market, but there is still much confusion about what exactly accounts for a duplex house. Duplex means double, hence duplex flats are two-storey residential buildings with 2 rooms of different sizes combined into a single accommodation. In India, duplex house designs generally have a kitchen and hallway with a bedroom on the first storey along with a master bedroom on the second one. These duplex flats have several advantages and reasons to be chosen as one’s first or last dream home.

A few advantage to owning a duplex in India from the sea of benefits it has is that the home offers individuals privacy, which is the number one thing everyone cares about. Duplex apartments have a lot of space to offer with the garden area being divided into smaller sections to give privacy to those around. Furthermore, duplexes are luxury homes but on the feasible end. With the demand rising for such houses these flats can be easily found especially in metro cities including Mumbai. 

Duplex apartments consist of two buildings and can accommodate two or more families especially favourable to joint families living together. In this way, families get to stay close to each other without compromising each other’s privacy. They are also the perfect solution for shared families gathering together. Moreover, the design of duplex homes serves many purposes. If the investors want to set up an office, they can feel free to set it up on one floor and use it as a home office. These houses are big and spacious, thus accommodating the interiors in a very presentable manner. Maisonette apartments have more living space than other apartments. It also has extensive gardens, courtyards and garages to give the investor or home buyers a feeling of spaciousness. 

Most duplex flats offer quality amenities and open spaces such as patios and gardens, ultimately offering comforts unmatched by other accommodations. Luxury real estate has always fascinated people. The safety factor is one of the most common concerns when investing in a duplex home. Unless in a gated community, one should make every effort to ensure security in and around their property and Runwal Gardens is one such community that offers luxury without compromising on security and comfort. A duplex home gives the freedom to experiment with the available space and so do these lavish duplex apartments by the Runwal group offer.

This unique duplex house in Mumbai’s Dombivli features Italian marble and high-quality custom-designed furnishings since everyone needs a small space to relax and this home does just that. Dombivli has developed into one of Thane’s most promising real estate markets over the years with the government and municipality working together to build the place. The primary growth engine in the area was the combination of increased infrastructure and augmented business activity. The city’s skyrocketing real estate costs and the resulting rise in demand for inexpensive housing, which is one among the main reasons the area has recently experienced significant growth in popularity. The Runwal Gardens by Runwal Group is also rising into vogue due to the various amenities and location advantages it provides to home buyers. 

This duplex flat by Runwal group is surrounded by lush lawns, and stunning gardens offering great vibes in the house. Not only that, it is a dream come true project with very well-maintained facilities such as a herb garden, hammock garden, water saving, energy management, fire safety and its requirements. This property at Dombivli offers a best-in-class living experience with amenities that enhance the luxury experience. These features make each Runwal Gardens apartment a worthy investment for home buyers. 

Having a home that is a central destination for relaxing and unwinding daily, with luxurious amenities that rejuvenates us daily, is paramount to living holistically. Most people seek city life for its opportunities, but they also afford tranquillity. Sighting a duplex house that helps strike the right balance between these aspects can be difficult but Runwal Gardens certainly strives to be the best choice one can make. 

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